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Petroleum Club Weddings & Events

Jennifer Terrell
General Manager

Jennifer’s career has always involved food in some way, starting with her very first job as a dishwasher. Originally from New England, at the end of her junior year in high school, Jennifer applied and was accepted to Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI. During her time in college, she honed her skills by working summers in New York and Vermont, ending with her culinary externship at Walt Disney World in Orlando, which earned her a degree in Culinary Arts. After graduation, she continued to broaden her food experiences working on the East Coast, including hotels and restaurants in Connecticut and Virginia Beach.

Thinking outside the box and making the occasion truly memorable, Jennifer will make it happen. Enjoy the occasion and leave the details to her. She’ll make it a perfect party!
Kathy Stephens
Assistant Manager

Kathy “wears many hats” as Assistant Manager of the Petroleum. Joining the staff as a waitress in 1986, Kathy has more than 25 years of service to the members of the Petroleum Club. In charge of training the wait staff, her youthful experience as a waiter at two of Shreveport’s finest restaurants continues to give Kathy the passion and drive to provide an excellence of service that is unsurpassed. As a part of her commitment to her job and to herself, Kathy earned a degree in Computer Science and now uses that knowledge to better communicate with the membership.

In addition to training all wait staff, she is also in charge of payables, staff scheduling and Human Resources issues. On any given day, you will find Kathy busy at work, moving quickly between her many duties. Maintaining the fine reputation of the service provided by Petroleum Club is her primary focus, and she does the job well.



Chef Eddie Marusarz
Executive Chef

Providing a fine guest experience is at the center of Chef Eddie’s culinary philosophy. And, being classically trained has allowed him to venture into global cuisine with confidence, delighting patrons eager to try new dishes without sacrificing their comfort zones. His mantra: “I believe, as chefs, we are the first line of defense in providing proper nutrition to our clients, while maintaining structure and taste, and I encourage a healthy approach to their dining experience.”

Recently, Chef Eddie embarked on a new mission to implement dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, diabetic, low sodium/high fiber, and removal of all trans fats to solubles rich in Omega 3’s.
Michael Jeter
Dining Room Manager

When you step to the door of the main dining room, the person you’ll most likely meet will be Michael Jeter, our Dining Room Manager. His exceptional customer service makes him an invaluable member of the Petroleum Club team.

Starting as a waiter and bartender at the Club more than 25 years ago, Michael is very aware of every station in the dining room. In constant tune with the rhythm of the dining room activity, Michael keeps a watchful eye on all tables, making sure that there is always someone there to quickly serve the members. His total focus is to be sure your dining experience at the Club is an excellent one, and his staff is well-trained to assure that is the case.

On your first visit as a member, Michael will exchange introductions with you. From that meeting forward, He will remember and call you by name. Very impressive. And just another example of the excellence of service at the Petroleum Club.



Lisa Brown
Membership Secretary

Lisa Brown is your initial contact to the many excellent services provided by the Petroleum Club. Lisa is the Membership Secretary, and for the last decade, her primary focus has been to assist our members with Club services. She is that pleasant “voice on the phone” when you call, and she makes it easy for you to access the information you need.

When you want to know today’s menu, just call Lisa. If you want to make reservations for lunch or other members events, Lisa will take care of it. If you are traveling and would like to avail the services of one of our reciprocal clubs, Lisa can make the arrangements for you.

She is the perfect “Go-to Girl” and helps keep things running smoothly and efficiently. When you need to know, call Lisa Brown in the Petroleum Club’s main office.

Katie Bursley
Director of Catering & Event Planning

Katie's special interest in events has brought her to the Petroleum Club, where we are excited to welcome her as Director of Catering. Her degree in Public Relations from Belmont University in Nashville, along with her background in logistics and organization, make her a perfect fit. Katie is delighted to be working in an event space full of possibility where she can use her personality and creativity to full potential




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