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Frequently Asked Questions
If you have a question not listed here, please feel free to call us at (318) 425-4251 or email us at jenniferaterrell@bellsouth.net

Q Do you have to be a member to host an event at the Petroleum Club?

A You don’t have to be a member to host an event here. As a non-member, there will be a room rental fee. The fee varies depending on the number of guests and the services selected.


Q What is included in the cost when hosting an event at the Petroleum Club?

A The Petroleum Club provides all wait staff and kitchen staff necessary to make your event a success. We provide all of the serving pieces necessary for display and service of your food. We also provide flatware, glasses, plates, your choice of white or ivory linen as well as tables and chairs.


Q What is the dress code for a private event at the Petroleum Club?

A Because so many events have a theme or feeling the host is trying to create, we let the host set the dress code. We ask that it be appropriate for a private club.


Q Can the Petroleum Club provide food for guests with special diets?

A We are comfortable providing for special diets. We have had experience with vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and kosher diets. We ask that you let us know in advance if possible so that Chef Eddie can be prepared with a meal that is sure to please your guest.

Does the Petroleum Club allow outside food or beverages to be brought in?

A No food or beverage of any kind may be brought onto club premises without permission of management. The Club reserves the right to add service and gratuity charges for the service of such food and beverage. The only exception to this rule is a wedding, birthday or anniversary cake.


Q Is there room for a live band or D.J. and dance floor?

A We have had bands of all sizes, both local bands as well as bands from Texas, Mississippi and Alabama here at the Club. We work hard to accommodate their special needs and requests. Because the dance floor is portable, we can place it anywhere you want in the room and make it any size you’d like as well. There is no fee to use the dance floor.


Q Does the Petroleum Club arrange for decorations, music or special rentals?

A We will let you deal directly with the vendors of your choosing. Our Director of Catering has lots of resources that can be made available to you when deciding on flowers, decorations, bands or DJ’s. We will coordinate delivery and set up with the vendors you have chosen.


Q Where do we park when attending an event at the Petroleum Club?

A Parking is located in the garage across the street from the front of our building. It is complementary to our guests on the weekends and after 5:00 during the week. We DO NOT use the lot behind our building. If you park there, you must pay.


Q Does the Petroleum Club cater for offsite special events?

A If you can’t come to the Petroleum Club for your event, we will bring the Club to you. Food minimums and a delivery fee apply.

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